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Why Leadership Retreats Work

Everyone has, at some point, recognised the need; and most likely used the phrase ‘I need to get away from the office for a bit!

When we are too close to a situation or a problem, it’s often not possible to see there can be a positive outcome; or recognise the path that will lead to that positive outcome. This can result in frustration and, often, unnecessary stress.

We need to understand that the ability to clear our heads is necessary, and also essential.

Knowing how to clear our heads of unnecessary and unrelated thoughts it a skill that, once learned, will be a game changer.

Leadership Retreats will do just that. They will enable you to give clarity to each situation, and allow you to view issues from the outside in. Once learnt, this skill will remain for life. On our retreats, you will start the process by being able to focus, away from distractions and ‘day to day’ issues that often pull on your valuable time. Learning how to ‘clear your head’ is important because it facilitates a healthy work/life balance.

When employed as a Managing Director in a large, award-winning business, I was able to develop solutions in the form of resilience techniques. These techniques saw a measured improvement in the wellbeing and productivity of my teams, which led me to develop a successful Resilience Coaching programme that will help you. Our Leadership Retreats put this learning into practice throughout two days.

How does being outdoors help?

Nature is a powerful healing force and a brilliant teacher. It enables us to see situations from a different perspective. And alongside guidance from me, a skilled coach and mentor, we can often find solutions that would not have been possible inside the four walls of a workplace.

What can I expect on a Leadership Retreat?

On our Leadership Retreats, you will get away from the office environment to learn the necessary tools that will support you and your team in developing better and stronger resilience.

You will all be encouraged to leave your ‘comfort zones’ firmly in the workplace and open your minds to change. I will challenge you as I get to know you and explore how I will help you grow stronger and build resilience. You will leave with a definite understanding of how to prioritise, how to manage your time and how to be a better leader.

But, just as importantly, you will have time to relax, to get away from your business, to bond and get to know each other. And to RELAX!

You will stay in our carefully selected Bunkhouses in either the Cleveland hills; the glorious Lake District; or on Hadrian’s wall. And evenings will be spent together, enjoying quality local food and the friendly atmosphere that can be found in the local pubs!

Setting goals and learning from nature

During the morning of the first day, we will be classroom-based, focussing on either interactive leadership skills, personal growth and good communication; or learning the 8 step process that will enable you to be more resilient. We finish by agreeing on a team goal and how that can be achieved.

In the afternoon, we head out for a walk in an exhilarating and inspiring location (with a stop to enjoy some local food of course!) and learn some of the natural histories of resilience and why it works. We absorb the local surroundings and take time to get to know each other.

It can be quite astounding how people who have worked together for many years don’t actually know each other that well! By doing this exercise, we will enable improved working relationships in the future. For many, this is the favourite part of the retreat as it can be thought-provoking and enlightening. We will enjoy camaraderie, good conversation, and the bonus of a beautiful landscape to inspire openness and team building.

What are the benefits of a Resilience Retreat?

There are many – and each person will come away with insights on themselves, their work colleagues, and a way forward that is unique to them. But in particular, participants can expect the following:-

  • Quality time out of the business to reflect and think as a team
  • Your team will bond, break down barriers and get to know each other better
  • You will learn self-leadership, communication, personal growth and resilience
  • The challenge and subsequent pride in the achievement of finishing the trek as a team
  • You will work through any issues as a group; away from the business, with a facilitated guide
  • You will take great enjoyment from the outdoors; soaking up the atmosphere only an inspiring location can provide

Resilience Retreats work!

For many, these popular Leadership Retreats have been life-changing. They equip you with techniques that will enhance both your career and your personal life. But of course, we’re biased! So here’s what some of our participants have said after joining me in the great outdoors.

“Life changing, fun and thought provoking are the 3 things I would say about working with Karl”

Phil Murray – Director at Harlands Accountants

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