Resilience workshops in North East England

Resilience Workshops

Would you like to know how resilience can become an effective part of your everyday ‘tools for coping’ in the workplace? And, once learnt, how those tools will also have a powerful and positive impact on your team’s personal life too?

Whether as a large or small group; I can show you how in just one working day! You’ll leave the workshop knowing that as a team you can ride any future stormy seas and be more adaptable and prepared for change. As inevitably, business, and life, will always bring change.

Together we will explore the difference between toughness and vulnerability. And, amongst other insightful guidance, how experiencing failure could actually make you more resilient – if you know how to manage the situation and your emotions.

The Benefits of Resilience Workshops

What your team will discover on my Resilience Workshop, is the ability to spring back from any negative effects of change. You’ll become a stronger team, with improved performance; and the many benefits that come from harnessing a pragmatic attitude.

For example; the positive impact on customer service can be huge. And subsequently, the ability to generate future business based on the reputation built from being a focussed, driven team who provide an excellent service.

Your team will recognise the ‘next steps’ in any decision making and how to take them. Meaning, as a business, you will experience the benefits of a stronger, more resilient team that ‘pulls in the same direction’.

The Process

Throughout the day, I will facilitate your workshop; guiding the group through possible scenarios and real-life situations. It’s during these that we discover the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of our behaviour. And use this to reach the outcomes that are right for you and your business.

The sessions are very interactive, and the groups will feel challenged. But they will discover answers that will enable you to move forward as a stronger, more aligned team. Your team will become individual thinkers, but with one goal; to work more effectively as a team to benefit your business.

If you’d like to know more about how you can build a stronger, more resilient team, call Karl now on 07914 693 199.

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