Guided Coaching Walks

You may feel you should be able to sort challenges or issues out yourself, being driven, resilient, tough and intelligent, as you have sorted out these pressures before. Well having a guide, an outsider perspective to work through the pain is transformational.

Using my own experience, not only as a resilience coach, but as a former CEO who bounced back from tough times, led to my passion for coaching and using the outdoors and my unique Resilience Valley model to bring about a change in perspective.


What are the benefits of Guided Coaching Walks?

  • The load lightened from your shoulders
  • Clearing the mind to to enable you to focus on your priorities
  • Improved performance
  • Confidence and Resilience
  • Your mojo returned
  • Improved relationships, both work and home
  • An engaged workforce
  • Better balance

An alternative process using technology – Virtual Guided Coaching Walks.


I use the power of nature and outdoors to challenge, support and clear your head. As an alternative to a face to face meeting, you will walk from your home or work using an OS app software which I send to you on a suggested walk or your own route. I walk from my own base on my route. Together we connect using video and audio software and walk and talk. After our walk we return to each of our bases to define a clear action plan.

Having a guide, an outsider perspective to work through the issues can be extremely helpful, when it can be isolating as the principle business leader of your organisation or department.

Contact me to discuss your requirements.

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