Guided Coaching Walks

By taking you out of your normal working environment, into the outdoors, we help you to be more creative and explore new ideas to the issues you are facing and want to impove upon. You will develop new awarenesses, be clear on your journey ahead and have some agreed actions to implement.

At the end of our time together you will develop the mental tools to be more resilient and lead your team with confidence.


What’s involved:

  • We will arrange to meet up in an inspiring outdoor location 30 to 60 mins from your home and workplace.
  • We will then head out and walk and talk for a couple of hours on the hills, coastline or woodlands
  • After the walk we will head back to a base and work through the creative ideas, reflections, awarenesses from the outdoor experience. We will then develop an agreed actions for you to implement.
  • The day is a structured process which will last around 3 1/2 hours.
  • Throughout our time together I will share with you my proven Resilience Valley process


The benefits?

  • The load lightened from your shoulders
  • Clearing the mind to to enable you to focus on your priorities
  • Creative space for new ideas
  • Improved performance
  • Confidence and Resilience
  • Your mojo returned
  • Improved relationships, both work and home
  • An engaged workforce
  • Better balance


And the walk and talk process can be undertaken virtually overseas or from anywhere in the UK….


Contact me to discuss your requirements.

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