Outdoor leadership coaching

Leadership Coaching Outdoors

When changes happen in your life, whether that’s down to personal issues, company growth, or external market forces that impact on your business; how you and your team adapt to those changes and move forward, is critical to your success.

Experiencing these situations first hand in my previous managerial and director roles led to my passion for coaching and using the outdoors to bring about a change in perspective.

I subsequently developed a successful 8 Stage Process. Once mastered, the tools you discover will help you achieve your work and life goals for many years to come.

What is the 8 Step Process?

The system helps you, through the power of nature and the outdoors, to clear your head and deal with constant challenges and issues. Life will always throw curve balls at you; but how you deal with them; how you develop the mental strength to turn any situation into a positive one; depends on your ability to cope.

When taking you out amongst the wild countryside; whether in the parks, woodlands, coast or hills; I listen to you. And I then, as we talk, determine how to help you.

What I often find successful is to use metaphors derived through my experience as a Shepherd and Countryside expert. Comparing everyday life situations to those that nature overcomes every day can bring perspective. You will be able to make real shifts and change and will build your confidence and resilience in an ever-changing landscape.

It will enable you and consequently your team to grow as individuals.

C2i business coaching process

What is Leadership Coaching outdoors?

‘Acceptance’ of a situation and being able to ‘freeze’ are a normal part of a human’s survival techniques; just as the better known ‘Fight or Flight’ mechanism is. All are perfectly normal. But how you recognise then engage the appropriate technique is what matters.

Coaching outdoors helps you discover the tools that will help you respond to situations in your business and life. However stormy they may be, you will have the strength not only to recognise but also to withstand those constant changes and pressure.

Accepting the reality of the situation and what you cannot control, enables you to focus your strength in areas you can influence.

With the right guidance, being in the great outdoors, amongst nature, allows you to understand the connection between your physical being and your mind. Both need focus if you are going to succeed.

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