The snowdrop outlook

How can we influence situations in our favour in these dormant and quieter months


I am always learning from nature and how it can teach us so many things about life and business in general.

Snowdrops for example naturally like light shade in woodlands or cool mountain meadows and what may look like dormant ground suddenly comes to life and reminds us spring is on its way.

This made me think about our own lives, when we might look at a site or situation and initially when we may see nothing inviting, bare ground, compost and decaying leaves such as late winter in a woodland, suddenly this site will come to life in the Spring.

So what may look like a difficult situation we are experiencing now – gives us hope to never give up and colour and light will prevail and  eventually shine through in the end.

So how can we influence these situations in our favour in these dormant and quieter months, so the colour and light will prevail in the end? Well just as we put in the hard work of planting snowdrop bulbs  in the Autumn of each year which will blossom 4 months later and bring those woodlands to life, the same can apply to our own ideas. Whether it is developing a new business lead, a new sale, recruiting a senior manager, the ‘snowdrop’ planting analogy is similar – results take time and many months of hard work and planning in advance.

So what are those steps and hard yards which you can implement now, which will result in your goals being achieved and blossoming later on in the year?

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