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Sustainability on a local scale

Support British wool products – a sustainable renewable natural fibre which contributes to our UK landscape and local economies. I was out walking with my wife in Swaledale yesterday, as we were returning to a shop 14 years after our first purchase, to purchase British wool jumpers. A world class craft on our doorstep, where… Read more »

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When life gets challenging, are you an oak or a willow?

Following on from Mental Health Awareness Week at the end of May, it’s a perfect opportunity for us all to consider what we perceive strength to be. It’s easy and natural to see an oak or beech tree that has been standing for 100s of years as the embodiment of strength. Yet a large limb… Read more »

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Resilience at home

“One of our greatest freedoms is how we react to things.”
Charlie Mackesy

Working from home can have many advantages, reduced commute time being one!

Except it can also be isolating. And sitting in front of a laptop for 6/8 hours can undoubtedly be described as sedentary – and keeping yourself active can be a challenge, especially while maintaining focus and motivation.

So I’ve put together some tips I’ve learned over the years to help with your personal resilience:-

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Get your mojo back!

Getting your mojo back

TIRED? FEELING LOW? WORN OUT WITH WORK?  HERE’S HOW TO GET YOUR MOJO BACK…We all know that when our mood or energy drops, it can have a HUGE impact on our performance and on the people around us. So, as leaders and managers, how can we make sure we keep our ENERGY UP and our MIND IN GOOD SHAPE?

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