How you can help in Ukraine

Pointers in helping with your mental health in the Ukraine crisis

Witnessing the courage of the people and leaders of Ukraine has been humbling and at the same time evoked a feeling of helplessness on what I can do. Making an effort to help, even in a small way, creates a lift and is positive for your own mental health. Here are a few pointers:

  1. Supplies to Ukraine. Five Ukrainian mums from London are organising a plane to send first aid kits to Ukraine, they have raised so far £21,139 at the time of writing. Please note this is a personal appeal – see post on site of 28th Feb and registered charities are included below.
  2. What to say to your children? My son was asking questions about what was happening in Ukraine. We had an open, age-appropriate conversation, I explained the situation and, most importantly, I reassured him. See this link on how you can support your children in having these conversations, which is where I came across the image I have used in this post.
  3. Support charities. A charity leading the refugee crisis on a national level. They run sponsor a refugee in your community, which our local community are working on; see   There are others helping with the refugee effort, such as .
  4. Find local drop offs. There are a number in your area. A local drop off I came across in Newcastle Upon Tyne I found on Facebook; see
  5. Be careful how much news you read. I always find turning off news notifications helps and switching off the phone at times. Bring movement into your daily life and listening to music on your phone or at home is a great way of lifting mood between any news updates.

Clinical Psychologist Dr Emma Hepburn image on how to help in Ukraine on her Instagram feed of @thepyschologymum.

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