Introduction to mindfulness

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When we are working from home for long hours with a lack of social interaction between colleagues and friends. Add to this many distractions, it can start to affect our energy levels. Creating a daily internal recovery is important and this is where mindfulness as a tool can help. It is extremely practical and easy to do and I am running another introductory mindfulness session on the morning of Fri 11th December for 30 mins. You are very welcome to join me. Register on the attached link.

Tips on how to boost your immune system

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Marek Witkowski a lifestyle and nutritional specialist and former chef, gives his advice on how we can boost our immune system at this time:- Proper nutrition . – Food and drink play a very important role in the right function of the immune system, hormonal system, nervous system of the human bodies. What we have… Read more »

Sustainability on a local scale

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Support British wool products – a sustainable renewable natural fibre which contributes to our UK landscape and local economies. I was out walking with my wife in Swaledale yesterday, as we were returning to a shop 14 years after our first purchase, to purchase British wool jumpers. A world class craft on our doorstep, where… Read more »