A reassuring guide to the divorce process

The difficult divorce conversation.

New podcast: The difficult divorce conversation. The no-fault divorce laws came into force in April this year and my latest podcast deals with the difficult conversation couples endure around separation and divorce. This reassuring guide will help anyone considering, or going through, one of the most stressful events they may ever face.

Listen to Chris Longbottom and Emily Finn of Clarke Wilmott give their guide through the process.


Topics Covered

Are people giving up too early in a marriage -have we seen increases in divorces since Covid?

What are the new legal changes on 6th April?

What qualities should you be looking for in a divorce lawyer?

How can parties maintain good communication especially with children involved?

When is mediation an option?

Tips for negotiating assets and business shareholdings

How long does it take?

How much does it cost?

The role of Prenuptials.

One advice you would give someone after the process


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