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About Karl Beckett – Leadership Coach

As a successful businessman and leadership coach, I understand the importance of getting away from the business to think clearly and recharge your batteries. And there is no better place than outdoors in the breath-taking Northumberland landscape; it’s where I love to spend my days exploring.

It was primarily this and witnessing the amazing results achieved by my staff, under my guidance, that led to my career change. My extensive business experience complemented my understanding that, when the mind, body and spirit are balanced, anything is possible.

And using resilience techniques alongside the power of nature has since led to me successfully influencing others to enhance their career, their cash flow; and improve their life balance and perspective.

But let’s rewind, and I’ll explain more about me and how I came to be a Leadership Coach for SMEs and family-run businesses using the outdoors to develop resilience.

As I said, I love nothing better than being part of nature’s elements. But I also practice yoga, play tennis, bowling, take part in football training; and love to cook for my wonderful family. And, of course, I take my turn at the school run and provide the essential free service of taxi driver/head cheerleader for the kids’ sports fixtures!

Work is important, but so is your wellbeing; excelling at both is achievable through leadership coaching

Alongside my penchant for everything ‘outdoors’  I have a passion for the business world too.

I’ve held some fantastic positions that have allowed me to share my expertise and positively influence the growth of many companies. For example, I enjoyed 14 years as Managing Director of a market leading regional SME with a £14m turnover and 500 staff. We achieved numerous industry awards, and some local ones too. Such as Regional Care Employer of the Year; and winners of the Top 50 Growing Businesses in the North East Award for three consecutive years.

I originally trained as a Chartered Surveyor, and I‘m incredibly proud as a former non-executive Trustee for a charity with a £44m turnover. I’ve also been the Chairman of a fabulous Care Association; and Director and Chairman of numerous social clubs.

Then setting up a coaching business for 5 years now, with over 60 client transformations and 650 hours of coaching under my belt.

But this is not a place for reading my CV. The reason for sharing this potted history with you is to demonstrate that I really have been there. I understand what it’s like to work within a successful company; and the multitude of pressures that can arise daily.

I learnt during my career that putting yourself first regarding physical and mental health is what will make you successful — not being the first one in the office every day or the last one to leave; and not being the one who doesn’t ever switch off – at the cost of their health or personal relationships. That’s too high a price to pay, and completely unnecessary.

My role as a Managing Director taught me many valuable skills

My successful business career also allowed me to learn a lot about myself and my colleagues. What motivated us, what made us tick, what made us stronger…and sometimes weaker.

I’ve been through some extremely tough changes and challenges in my career.

But like you can too, I discovered the tools to help me stay on track and maintain a healthy work/life balance and wellbeing.

I’m now passionate about helping others to recognise that challenges can be faced and overcome through resilience. This is possibly a great time in my narrative to mention I’m a fully qualified NLP Practitioner and Leadership Coach!

And so, the next phase of my life and career began. I’ve been able to use my experience as a successful businessman and leader, along with my qualifications and experience as a Leadership Coach; to develop programmes that, alongside traditional therapy methods, use the outdoors to see problems with a fresh pair of eyes.

I firmly believe that often challenges won’t change, but how you approach them can.

What do I do? First and foremost I listen. Confidentially and empathetically. I provide a safe place to talk and bounce ideas around, allowing you to understand more about yourself. But I also challenge you. We get to the route of the problem. Then I guide and mentor you towards clearing your head; enabling you to overcome challenges and work through change.

The final stage is to build a bespoke 7 step process towards lasting resilience.

I will show you that work/life balance is possible 

If you’re a new leader searching for the tools to succeed, a manager looking to develop your team, or an Executive looking for clarity my Leadership Coaching or Retreats and Resilience Workshops and will provide the answer to progressing your career and your work/life balance.

I’d be delighted to share my knowledge and show you that it’s possible to achieve, grow, and become resilient enough to weather any storm.

So take a step towards making some positive changes and call me now.

Let me show you how to SOAR and FLY HIGH!


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