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Lighten the load to be ahead of the game

Are you an ambitious CEO, MD, Partner and Director who believes in the wider culture of leadership that creates and affects communities?

A Leader who know’s they are not performing at their optimum level, who are feeling isolated or that they are juggling, stressed and their decision-making is not as clear, sharp or efficient as it could be?

I promise by engaging with me I will lighten the load on your shoulders and be ahead of the game, re-aligning you with your inner compass.



ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE – with a clear head, focus and balance…


By changing your environment, I can transform your thinking by using the outdoors, through virtual guided walks and my Resilience Valley Model to re-align you with your values, purpose, give you a different perspective on current issues and develop your resilience.

I focus on people who want greater clarity, to feel more in control, at ease and aware of their choices.

If this is of interest, please head to my virtual guided walks page to book in a free 30 minute assessment to see if this is something for you and your organisation. Alternatively send an enquiry to guide@karlbeckett.co.uk


‘Life doesn’t get any easier, or more forgiving, we get stronger and more resilient’

Steve Marobeli

How exploring nature really clears the mind

Karl Beckett - Business Coach in North East England

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