By taking you to a different place – we take you to a different place.

Become more Effective!

With my outdoor development programme. You will:

  • Be a better leader
  • Be a better team
  • Make better decisions

Leadership is challenging and often isolating. Time demands and calendars control our lives. Customers and staff require our energy.  There’s a continuous obsession with social media and mobile phones. Life feels nothing more than a treadmill of projects, thoughts, and goals that consume our thoughts and overwhelm our lives. Our health and personal relationships can be impacted if we let it.

Gain a fresh perspective, improved performance and enhanced creativity with an experienced guide.

Stand back and look at your purpose and direction. Prioritise what matters; work, home, relationships, and health.

Success in business relies on the people we work with, especially our teams. How they function and work together. Are they engaged? This impacts everything from succession, future exits, performance, and profitability.

‘By exploring new environments, we explore new thinking.’

Make the decision to invest in yourself and your team and please get in contact.

1-2-1 Development Programme

Leadership coaching in North East England

Leadership and business coaching in the great outdoors of North East England.

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Group Sessions

Leadership coaching in North East England

Release your roar! Team day retreats, covering leadership, resilience and coaching workshops in North East England.

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    ‘Life doesn’t get any easier, or more forgiving, we get stronger and more resilient’

    Steve Marobeli


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