Business coaching in Newcastle and Gateshead

Leadership Coaching in the Great Outdoors for Family Businesses & SMEs

Today’s workplace has become somewhat of a pressure cooker.

Each day we’re required to manage Deadlines – Targets – Competition – Change in the market place – And that elusive work/life balance.

These challenges won’t change. But how you approach them can.

What if you could find new positive energy and spirit to succeed in your role? To grow in confidence and feel empowered. To gain mental clarity that will bring focus to what’s important. To SOAR and FLY HIGH in your role. And to understand you CAN be in control of your life.

ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE – with a clear head, focus and balance…

Through outdoor leadership coaching, and an experience-based intuitive approach, I help teams and individuals clear their minds and regain control. I work primarily with SMEs and family businesses, making way for clarity of thought and renewed purpose. I challenge you. But I also guide you towards your goals, helping you achieve balance and success.

If you’re a new leader searching for the tools to succeed, a manager looking to develop your team, or an Executive looking for clarity and work/life balance…

‘Life doesn’t get any easier, or more forgiving, we get stronger and more resilient’

Steve Marobeli

Karl Beckett - Business Coach in North East England

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