Guiding leaders to lead with confidence and clarity

Are you an ambitious leader who wants to find the mental tools to help you gain clarity and control?

As human beings, we care about those around us. And about ‘giving back’ to our business, our team, our community, our family, and our friends.

But in today’s busy world, leaders must juggle exceptionally large workloads. We feel overwhelmed, and it can be hard to perform at our optimum level because of this. We might be managing conflicting internal interests or a combination of these events; so, our decision-making is not as clear, sharp, or efficient as it could be.

As successful leaders, we are usually self-aware enough to know this.

But it is easy to start to feel isolated. We know we need someone to talk to, yet we are not sure who that should be.

I have a solution.

I guarantee that when I guide you through my proven Resilience Valley model, utilising the energy of the outdoors, I will give you the mental tools and attitudes to survive and thrive in a busy, competitive world.

I will guide you to lead with purpose, greater clarity, confidence, and more control.

Together we will lighten the load on your shoulders and put you at ease to ensure you find the optimum you again.

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ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE – with a clear head, focus and balance…


Whether it is working at board level, managing up, empowering your team, creating a phenomenal customer experience and quality product. I can offer you a different perspective with 26 years in business at a senior level, as a former MD and Director of a family business with 500 staff, in senior positions in the voluntary and charity sector and coaching/mentoring leaders for the last 5 years with over 70 client transformations.

Book a discovery call on my guided walk page to discuss how I can help you through the following service offerings:

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    ‘Life doesn’t get any easier, or more forgiving, we get stronger and more resilient’

    Steve Marobeli

    How exploring nature really clears the mind

    Resilience Valley

    Resilience valley model by Karl Beckett, Newcastle business coach
    Karl Beckett - Business Coach in North East England

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